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Replacement method of lock cylinder of indoor wooden door handle door lock

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The indoor wooden door handle lock is a common hardware in the home. Every day when the door is opened and closed, it will cause damage to the handle lock. After a long time, the probability of failure will rise in a straight line. Among them, the lock cylinder is a vulnerable part. Many indoor wooden door handle lock failures are caused by the damage of the lock cylinder, so how to replace the damaged lock cylinder? Listen to Xiaobian and go on.

For different groups, it is recommended to select silent indoor door lock. The special feature of this lock is that the lock body adopts a tongue free structure, and there is no exposed tongue lock, which can better ensure the safety of children.

2. Look at the material


   stainless steel indoor door lock --- corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high hardness, long service life, glossy and delicate surface. Disadvantages: the style is relatively single, and the color is mainly the primary color.

Zinc alloy indoor door lock is easy to process and shape, rich in style and complete in color, occupying the mainstream position in the market. Disadvantages: poor anti rust ability, easy to oxidize the content, leading to deformation.

   in addition: the appearance of stainless steel indoor door lock is very similar to that of zinc alloy indoor door lock, which often misleads customers, resulting in customers mistaking the stainless steel indoor door lock as zinc alloy indoor door lock, damaging their own rights and interests. It can be distinguished by referring to the following two methods.

1. Weighing method


   2. Visual inspection


If there are old people or children in the family